COVID-19 prevention priority-FCFC PP grades for disposable dinnerware

COVID-19 prevention priority-FCFC PP grades for disposable dinnerware

I. During the epidemic prevention, please wear masks and wash your hands with soap frequently to   reduce  access to public places.

II. You can enjoy delicious food with your family by taking meals home instead of dinning together   in  restaurant.

III. FCFC PLASTICS provides Homo-PP grades resin making you feel safe to enjoy the delicious meals   with  containers for taking out. 


B1101-For thermoforming disposable dishes.

T1202-For blow molding. It is the best partner for taking out especial hot food. (T1202 is a high resistant  grades for 135℃.More information please refer to TDS.)

T2502-Pressure forming for beverage bottles (With high clarity). It is your best choice for drinks.

K1035-Injection molding with good flow-ability for general food containers.

K2051-For high stiffness with thinner wall parts. It is suitable for hot food container which is good assembly adhesion.

K1080-This is a special grade produced from FCFC with special catalyst process for high melting Index(MI=85) and high impact strength. It is suitable for thinner wall containers like coffee cap and bubble tea cup. It is the best choice for the drinks.

Above grades are all certified by the US FDA, so that manufacturers and customers can use it at ease.



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