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PS Resin(Taiwan)

TAIRIREX® PS Resin (Polystyrene), utilizing the techniques from FINA in USA and our own developed improved techniques, there are two plants in production, which is HSIN-KANG and MAI-LIAO, its yearly capacity is 320,000MTS, the major ingredients come from our own sixth naphtha cracking project, this will ensure the stability of quality with competitive price. TAIRIREX® PS Resin diversification contains general purpose (GPPS), which is crystal and easy processing and high impact (HIPS) that has low GEL and residual monomer. All production facilities are operated in accordance with strict environmental protection regulation and non-polluting the environment concerns.

Hsin-Kang PABS Plant    ISO 9001  ISO 14001 

Mai-Liao PABS Plant    ISO 9001 ISO 14001 


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